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The approach

MY plan is to create a garment, made with responsibly sourced fabric, made in ethical working conditions here in UK. 

I want people to realise and come to terms with the 'less is more' saying. If we can all cut down our clothing choices, and spend more on a product that is set to last you a lifetime, made in ethical working conditions, with kind fabrics, as opposed to garments you purchase from a high street store, made from synthetic fibres, that will fall apart after a couple of wears and washes.

The world as we know it is a trying place at the best of times, but right now, if we can all just stop and think about certain things that we can change in our lives, we can all understand and realise that a little can go a long way.

Slowly slowly, within Lals, we’re trying to do everything with as much love and care as we can. From our recycled packaging, to the way our clothes are made. Everything is going to take time, so bare with us, but the small steps are steps all the same, in the right direction. x