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The Cornish Laser Cutting Co.

The beautiful Banks family.

It could be because my favourite movie of all time is Mary Poppins, but this little Banks family are the coolest and I love them just as much as Mary and her little Banks family. Super cool mum and dad Molly and Mikey, and their little pups Bessie and Harry are the Cornish Laser Cutting Co. 


Molly and Mikey

My beautiful beautiful swing tags, as well as my pretty postage sacs are made by the clever hands of this lot. They combine laser cutting technology with hands-on techniques to curate anything and everything you could ever imagine. Each item they make is individually crafted, full of love and care, produced to last a life time.

Just when you don't think they could be any cooler, they have an amazing outlook on how they run their Zennor workshop at the old mill... It's run on 100% renewable electricity, and they always opt for natural, reclaimed or recyclable materials. Thankfully, the nature of their work allows them to use every last bit of off-cut and leftover pieces, ensuring there is next to no waste at all.

Mikey cut and lasered my little wooden tags and Molly hand threaded the string, one by one... THEN, the postage sacs I gave them were actually lasered one by one aswell, over a period of what probably felt like forever for poor Mikey, but I feel like that is what makes my brand that little bit more special. Hand-crafted by two local artisans who live two minutes down the road from Lals. No online bulk orders for tags and sacs, and no transport costs either. I could even walk to pick up my order, but would definitely struggle through muddy slippery fields hauling boxes, which would probably be quite entertaining, so, maybe i'll buy myself a little basket bike for the Summer months to peddle down to them instead?


Perhaps doing it this way works out a little more expensive than ordering from online, but I'd rather spend the money on the important things, which is to make this brand different and also keep local small businesses afloat in a world where we are surrounded by large corporations and mass production. 

This family seem to be able to make anything. From a table with a hippopotamus engraved on the top, to a loo roll holder with your face on the base. They are quite a talent, and are quietly making the little village of Zennor the new place to be. Exciting times ahead for all.


Sit tight x