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T i n k t u r e

Tinkture is the most beautiful, accidental, concocted experiment stumbled upon by Hannah Lamiroy.
Known all too well for their organic pink gin, made using organic rose petals, hand picked with love and care from  a small, Certified Organic farm, in the South west of England, Tinkture's purpose is to create a product that cleans up the alcohol world. Being transparent with the methods and workings within their brand, Tinkture’s goal is to be as kind to Mother Earth as they possibly can, whilst making a product that tastes really yummy. Not only is it kind to the Earth, but kind to the eye too... Almost like magic, the gin changes from the delicate amber colour to the prettiest subtle pale pink when tonic is added. 

Shelved in the most beautiful re-usable bottles, you can reduce waste, save money and fill your bottle back to the brim when it's running on empty with a re-fill pouch, instead of buying another bottle. If (for  some strange reason) you don't fancy more gin, you can recycle your bottle... Maybe pop a bunch of flowers in there, a candle? Gosh, maybe some rice, nuts, seeds? Whatever tickles your fancy... It will definitely make your pantry look 10/10 on the aesthetically pleasing scale. 

Tink&Booch is Tinkture's newest product, and arguably the cleanest cocktail in the world. It is a mixture of the rose gin, with organic Apple and Elderflower kombucha, and it. is. amazing. Served in a can with a dreamy hand drawn label (drawn by a local artist), it's the perfect sociable sipper... Perfect at a BBQ, at the beach, in the garden, but... If you're going to be sharing, I would definitely recommend getting the 12 pack instead of the 6 pack... EVERYONE is going to want one. And once you’re finished, you can just squish it in your hands and pop it in the recycling. 

Hannah and her little family have made Tinkture's new home at 45 Queen Street, a derelict warehouse down a back street in Penzance. A brushed up beauty, 45 oozes character and old charm thanks to Hannah, her husband Sam, and their two children Raphi and Huxley, who have managed to brush a few cobwebs away, and make the most simplest of spaces magical, still keeping the personality of the building as they found it. An old record player sits in the corner singing away, a cracked leather sofa perches itself at the back, some reclaimed tables and chairs sit in the middle with scrabble and chess boards if you fancy a game... Little Olive the dog saunters around and socialises with the locals, all the while the whole place blinkers away with candle light. It's just a dream. 
Businesses like Tinkture are what are making a difference... Not only is it having a positive impact on  the planet, but is run by a strong woman, wife, mum and friend. 
Tinkture is bringing goodness back to Penzance, giving Cornwall a good name, and is bringing a community together over a product everyone can enjoy. They are The Clean Alcohol Company, and have the most incredible things planned for us all to enjoy. Hopefully I’ll see you all at 45 very soon for a glass or two.