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Hi Lal

Known all too well for the longest legs, her calming persona, travelling to warmer climates to worship any ray of sunlight she’s exposed to, doing anything and everything with an infectious smile, and baking THE MOST delicious flourless chocolate cake you have, and actually ever will taste in your entire life, (this is true… There is a potential she can cast magic spells on the chocolate and egg mixture to make it extra fluffy, with her gems and crystals, but we are yet to be 100% sure!) she’s just one of those people you meet and don’t forget in a hurry… Perhaps because of her gentle freckled face, her smiley green eyes, her headstrong determination or simply the fact she’s a gentle old soul you can’t help but love and laugh with AND at quite a lot of the time... -AF



I've grown up right here, and this is where Lals is based. 

I've spent a lot of time with my cousins over the past few years away... They have clothing stores and their own line called 'Imrie' in the States and the Caribbean, and are magical professionals at finding indestructible, soft, organic materials to conjure up the most beautiful garments.

I think after watching and learning from them, I wanted to find cool mens clothing, made in the UK, that will last you forever! 

It was SO HARD! Which is why I've decided to act upon my mad little idea and do it myself. 

I think these days we are totally overwhelmed by high street stores, where you can buy a 100% cotton t-shirt for £3.99, that we don't really think about its background. Do you know where the fabric was sourced? Do you know where it was made? Probably China or India. Do you know whose hands made it? Probable quite sore little ones. 

Which is why, I wanted to be able to tell you all the story of my line. I know exactly where my fabric is sourced from, the hands that make the tees are very well manicured and moisturised due to the maker being paid a comfortable wage, and they are ALL made in England so there is no import or export, and all is better for the everyone! How cool!

I think these days we all need to adapt to the less is more theory, and really have a concentrated wardrobe. Investing in things that cost you that little bit more, that will last you much longer, made well, with a clean background, are the garments we need to be spending our money on. 


This is a blog for another time as I could go on and on, but thank you all so much for supporting me, you're all amazing and are going to look really cool.