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From home, for her.

... It’s always a little hard to picture what a men’s T-shirt could look like on you, so, I’ve taken it into my own hands from home to do a little selfie shoot for you.I really don’t like my picture being taken, which is why doing it this way is nice... You can just hide behind the camera! 

Anyway... This is ‘From home, for her.’


Starting off with the Sennen Crew in Pretty in Pink, because it’s probably my favourite tee. The colour isn’t too pink but not not pink if that makes sense? I’m really picky with pink, but I think this one hits the nail on the head. It’s really cool styled with jeans or shorts casually, but the other day I wore it with a high waisted prairie skirt knotted at the front a little, with the sleeve rolled up once, and it looked so pretty. Maybe elegant/casual if there is such thing. 

It really does depend on what you’re wanting from it. It’s great to slouch in, should you want a tee to throw on with a pair of sweatpants of an evening, loose over the front of your bottoms, with lots of space and room without any tightness, which is one thing I hate. Feeling restricted in clothes when you want to be comfortable. Yuck. 

Or, should you want to pop into town or to the super market, you can throw it in with a pair of jeans and just do a little front tuck like this. Super cool, and looks even cooler with some gold jewels. My favourite kind of outfit.